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Terms & Conditions of Service

So how does it all work?

We can't wait to work with you! Before our brushes hit the paint, here is what you can expect when you hire Superflow Signs. We take pride in what we do, lets make sure we are all on the same page!


To be able to execute your project by the requested date projected, a time line will have to be followed and requires regular communication between our studio and the client.

Payment Terms

All projects require a 50% deposit to initiate any work with the balance due upon day of (completion, pick-up or delivery).

All scheduled pick-up or delivery dates will be determined once project has been completed, preferably within 24/48hrs.

If for any reason the project can not be paid, picked up or delivered on completion date, a holding storage fee

of $25 per day will be added to final invoice.

Payment may be made by cash, credit (VISA/MASTERCARD), cheque, email transfer or direct deposit.


Artwork Revisions

If you should request any revisions to artwork submitted on this project, there will be (2) minor revisions allowed on the project cost estimated.

Any additional revisions, examples, samples or changes, if requested, will be billed at our hourly shop rate off

$83.65 per hour and added to your final invoice.

Rush Fee

Projects with a time line that is shorter than typical for the scope will incur a "Rush Fee" which will be in the form of an additional 30 - 50 percentage fee of the normal fees listed and itemized.
This fee will be determined by the length of the time line as well as the scope of the project.

Scope of Project Changes

If the client requests a change in the scope of this project, Superflow Signs will assess if the change in scope is outside the work or style typically performed by our Studio or will require changes to the work already performed. Any changes to the scope of this project will result in an adjustment to the project proposal and will require approval of a new proposal.

Changes to Timeline

If you request a change or if there are delays to the time line listed in this contract, the project will be rescheduled to the next available date(s) on our schedule.

Project Cancellation Policy

If you decide for any reason to cancel your project or change the terms after approval of this contract, a "Kill Fee" will be assessed based upon the work already performed, materials used, consultation, travel expenses and any changes that may be made to our scheduling.

Installation and Liability

Superflow Signs is not liable for installations, installation is required by the client at their expense.

Installation is not included into quotations unless explicitly stated


Superflow Signs is not liable for any accidents to projects once it has left our studio or in the transport or installation stage.

Superflow Signs is not responsible for securing any permits, licences, scaffolding or lifts for any projects.


No project materials can be guaranteed by Superflow Signs. Our brands can not guarantee their products to us, so unfortunately we can not guarantee it to our clients. Should outside materials be utilized, Superflow Signs will not be liable for any materials brought from outside parties once it has left the shop.

Artwork Guidelines

Artworks designed by Superflow Signs retain rights to Superflow Signs / Blake Lipnicki with the exception of existing brand assets. These designs are not for your use on company logos or any company merchandising, without express written consent. Fees will be added for additional designing, and/or vector file renderings.

Any artworks belonging to Superflow Signs, taken to any other sign or print firms will be charged accordingly.

Artistic License

The main reason you come to Superflow Signs is because of our knowledge, experience & artistic skill level.
Hand painted artworks are done by hand not by computers, at some point you will have to leave the job in our capable hands. Trust from the client is essential to execute the job as best as we see fit to achieve our project goals.

Thank you for taking an interest in working together. Agreement to these terms is essential and non-negotiable for project confirmation.

Terms & Conditions: FAQ
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